KV-näyttely Vantaa

Junnuluokka JUK2 ERI SA PN4. Tuomari Tino Pehar, Kroatia.
Kirjallinen arvostelu: 17 months, good proportions, proportional feminine head, could have a little deeper eyeset, excellent earset, could have a little more neck. Good topline and tailset, good angulations but could have more ribcage. Moves very well, excellent coat texture. Slightly cow-hocked behind.

Avoin luokka AKV3 ERI. tuomari Tino Pehar, Kroatia.
Kirjallinen arvostelu: 4 years, good size and lenght of body, feminine head, enough strong under jaw. Good earset, good topline, correct earset, good agulation, movement coud have more drive, excellent coat texture.

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